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Minnesota Paralyzed Veterans of America

The Minnesota Paralyzed Veterans of America (MNPVA) is an organization dedicated to serving former members of the U.S. Armed Forces who have suffered catastrophic paralysis as a result of spinal cord injury or disease. MNPVA was granted chapter status in 1993 and has an office in the Minneapolis VA Medical Center Spinal Cord Injury/Disease (SCI/D) Center.
MNPVA mission is to take those actions necessary to restore spinal cord injury or diseased victims’ bodies and life potentials as closely as humanly possible to those Americans not suffering spinal cord dysfunction. This will be accomplished by the coordinated efforts of the MNPVA organization through its programs to:
-Advocate for and monitor the delivery of quality and appropriate health care benefits and services
-Identify and secure veterans’ benefits for paralyzed veterans and others as appropriate
-Promote medical research to cure spinal cord dysfunction and other related problems
-Educate society about the attitudinal physical, and legal barriers that confront person with disabilities in order to influence the removal of those barriers
-Provide information and opportunities for health
-Promotion, recreation, employment, sports, services, and camaraderie for paralyzed veterans and others
-Appropriately educate the public with the current and ongoing contribution needs as well as current and past contributions of America’s veterans
-Educate the public with simple and effective means for reducing the risk of or preventing spinal cord injury
-Promote involvement of the public in national and local activities that support MNPVA’s mission