The mission of the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance is to raise awareness and enhance the quality of life for all people affected by brain injury.

Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance

The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance offers support through many programs and services including:

Resource Facilitation-
This free, two-year telephone support program provides education and connection to supports and services to assist people throughout Minnesota in navigating life after brain injury. Participants receive scheduled calls over a two-year period to help problem-solve issues and identify resources to help them transition back to family life, work, school, and the community while achieving the greatest level of independence as possible. Individuals can be referred by a professional or self-refer at any time.

Case Management-
Case Management assists individuals who have a brain injury diagnosis and are eligible for either a Community Alternative for Disable Individuals (CADI) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Waiver. Waivers, such as BI and CADI, are funding sources from the government that provide the opportunity for individuals to live in the community rather than a nursing home or institutionalized setting.
Education and Community Outreach (ECO)
The ECO Department works to build awareness of brain injury and stroke, promote professional skill development, and provide accurate and culturally sensitive brain injury information for professionals, families, and consumers living with brain injury. Collaborating with community organizations helps to increase connections to supports and services for diverse and underserved communities affected by brain injury.

Public Policy Advocacy-
The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance was founded on advocacy and believes strongly in developing an active grassroots community of people who are engaged in the political process and are dedicated to working toward solutions to the complex problems associated with brain injury. The Public Policy Department conducts activities that build the capacity of people to take action in support of public policy change to help meet the needs of all Minnesotans affected by brain injury.
The Alliance’s most important advocacy strategy is helping people turn their story into an effective political message and become active Citizen Advocates. A Citizen Advocate is anyone whose life has been affected by brain injury and decides to bring about positive change by sharing his or her story. Citizen Advocates are the reason the Alliance has been able to influence Minnesota’s public policy decisions, and are why Minnesota has the brain injury supports and services, and prevention laws, that it does.

Volunteer Opportunities-
The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance offers one-time and ongoing volunteer opportunities – both in the office and at events – to provide hands-on workplace experience. Internships are also available within each department. The Speakers Bureau program offers opportunities for individuals to speak about brain injury and its impact on their life with various outside groups. The Alliance relies on the time and talents of our volunteers to keep our organization running on a daily basis and contribute to our mission and values.

The Development Department works to raise funds to support the organization’s programs and services through financial support through advertisements, sponsorships, individual donor support, third party fundraisers, and corporate and foundation grants.

Public Awareness-
The Public Awareness Department increases public knowledge and awareness of brain injury causes and symptoms as well as publicizing organizational mission, activities and services.