Strengthening Women and Men of Service and their Families

Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota offers a broad range of confidential services to veterans, service members, and their families. Services include behavioral health services, financial counseling and debt management, and caregiver support.

LSS Behavioral Health Services commitment to those who serve and have served means training and employing veteran counselors and staff, integrating military culture into our services. This inclusion allows LSS to broaden our reach and mission of service to all, and means those who serve can always expect genuine understanding.

Our trauma-competent staff has provided professional, compassionate, effective care and support to veterans and service members for over a decade. Services are available statewide.
No matter when a veteran has served, there are unique and stressful experiences that have impacted the individual and family members. LSS Behavioral Health services specialize in post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and other challenges faced by veterans.