Legal E2020 Sessions

Basics of Family Law (Divorce, Custody, and Child Support)

Christie will explain the basics of divorce, custody, and child support in MN family courts. Then, she will discuss how much it costs for an amicable, joint divorce or custody case, which is a case for which the parties are willing to negotiate with each other and avoid hiring 2 attorneys to engage in battle, and how much it costs for a conflictual divorce or custody case. Lastly, she will tell you what your next steps would be to obtain help from her for an amicable or joint case or an attorney for a conflictual case.


Veterans Treatment Court - 3rd Judicial District

Information will be provided on how a unique program, Veterans Treatment Court, is helping Veterans with pending legal charges in the 3rd Judicial District successfully navigate the justice system while also getting access to needed treatment services, support, and community resources. There will also be discussion of the Minneapolis VA partnership with this court, and how the VA is working to serve justice involved Veterans throughout Minnesota.