Domestic Abuse E2020 Sessions

Recognizing Unhealthy Communication in Relationships

It’s okay to be angry but it’s not okay to hurt others with our anger. Anger is powerful emotion and one we all feel. Learning what to do with that anger is never taught to us so we learn it by observing. DAP wants to help you learn ways to cope with your anger in healthy ways and decrease harm it may be causing others.

Struggling to Leave Abusive Relationships - Why Do We Stay?

What does it mean to be a victim survivor… It means courage, strength, vulnerability and so much more… DAP will support you on your journey. We stand together in solidarity and equity….
Let the journey begin…

Accessing Housing Options While Fleeing Domestic Violence in Minnesota

This presentation will go over housing resources for people fleeing or attempting to flee domestic violence, the eligibility criteria and how to access them.

The Impact of Witnessing Fighting in Families on Children

This presentation will present an overview of how witnessing fighting in the family impacts children, how they process this, and how caregivers and close adults can support children who have witnessed family fighting. Participants can expect to take away an expanded knowledge of how children process stress and trauma connected to family conflict, along with strategies to support children during times of family conflict.

Finding Safety in an Unhealthy Relationship

This presentation will provide an overview of safety planning when either an individual or family is feeling unsafe. I will use a practical planning method that includes ways to remain safe while in a relationship, planning to leave, or after you leave. I will also cover emotional coping skills, and what to do when preparing children for safety planning and briefly go over restraining orders/legal actions.