Veterans For Peace is a global organization of Military Veterans and allies collectively working to abolish war through education and direct action.

Veterans For Peace, Chapter 27

Our expanding network of over 150 chapters seeks to raise public awareness about the true and hidden costs of war while providing understanding and services to those who are victims of war. VFP is committed to dismantling the military-industrial complex through peaceful resistance and is the only veterans’ organization whose primary purpose is to Abolish War. A lofty goal in a world which now has endless war. But we Veterans see it as our Last Campaign.

•       Work to Abolish War through education about the true costs of war.
•       Work to influence State and Congressional representatives to pass legislation that helps promote peace and the eventual end of war as a means to settle international conflicts.
•       Maintain contact with and support projects of the national Veterans for Peace organization as a chapter member.  National website:

•       Stop the Privatization of the Veterans Administration (VA) Health Care System.
•       Abolish Nuclear Weapons through national petitions and the persuasion of State and Congressional representatives to support that objective.
•       Speak as veterans in school classrooms about war and the impacts of war on ourselves and other victims of war.
•       Write and produce the quarterly Veterans For Peace News to keeps readers aware of VFP issues and public actions.
•       Maintain the VFP Chapter 27 website to inform the community about current and future VFP actions.
•       Organize Annual Events to honor veterans and promote peace such as:  Memorial Day, Armistice (Veterans) Day, and Peacestock.
•       Work collaboratively with other veteran and non-veteran organizations to promote peace and justice.
•       Plan and/or attend public demonstrations designed to respond to government or corporate actions that promote war as a solution to conflicts.
•       Develop ongoing public relations campaigns in support of these projects and events.