WE, THE PEOPLE’S PATRIOT PROJECT, have adopted the Mission of Honoring and Empowering those who have served. WE want to be the shock and awe when combatting the silent and deadly enemy of our veterans and first responders, the enemy that leaves mortal and invisible wounds. This mission is accomplished by having proactive boots on the ground and building life long and nurturing relationships with those in need of our services and collaborating with those organizations that have a like mission


Every person that hears our mission and story have an essential role in saving the lives of our service members.

THE PEOPLE’S PATRIOT PROJECT was developed “TO CONTINUE THE MISSION.”  WE focus on the trait of “serving”…

WE offer the opportunity
-TO CONTINUE TO SERVE, AFTER SERVICE…WE understand that “to serve” is of the heart, mind and soul and it is the way many of us are built.  WE give you the chance to continue the mission.

-TO SERVE WHEN IT WASN’T IN THE CARDS… Not everyone is meant to run into Burning buildings, not everyone is meant to hold the hand of someone who is taking their last breath, not everyone is meant to sit in a foxhole away from their families during  the holidays.  Many of us have been dealt a body that is not meant for these battle  fronts…  but that does not extinguish the drive to serve.  WE offer the chance to fulfill this  passion to serve.

-WE offer the chance to give back… many of us are grateful for the gifts WE have and are grateful for those who put some and sometimes put it all out there to make sure WE all have the opportunity to the pursuit of happiness and prosperity.  WE give you the chance to show your… PATRIOT PRIDE