We are a specialized service provider for employers across all industries and sectors who seek help in identifying and vetting combat veterans for employment in private security, executive protection and crisis management roles around the US and the world.

Silent Professionals

Our combination of operational knowledge with analytics gives our team the unique and unmatched ability to identify, aggregate and analyze veteran candidates at scale, improving quality, speed and cost of the entire recruitment process.

We know that veterans offer an incredibly unique set of immensely valuable skills that are difficult to translate and fit into the standard corporate recruiting process. We take care of that translation problem and consistently source and vet high-quality candidates that actually meet and exceed the expectations of the employer.

Our site is definitely very different in that we focus on a very specific subset of veteran employment which is the combat arms veteran (infantry, artillery, armor/cavalry, special forces, etc.). Veteran employment is a niche that’s already under-served; however, combat arms veterans get the shortest end of that stick.

Many employers can loosely interpret military hard-skills of veterans that have an intelligence, medic/physician, satellite communications, etc. type of background; however, they have an incredibly difficult time finding places for infantrymen, artillerymen, etc. And even with the former type, they almost never grasp the full value that the veteran can bring. And when employers do hire veterans, often times employers think they’re getting a stellar candidate and, in reality, they are not, simply because they don’t know how to correctly interpret and vet experiences on a military resume.

We boast an incredible 84% job placement success rate for candidates that we recommend to employers. The top reason someone doesn’t get placed is that the job is filled with a different candidate; however, we’re almost always able to take that candidate and place them into a different but similar job. Normally, job boards and career assistance sites have a broad range of job opportunities so if one doesn’t work out, then it’s back to the drawing board.

One of the reasons we’re able to do that is because we focus specifically on jobs for combat veterans who are seeking a career in private security that leverage their skills and experiences from combat. We also provide these types of veterans a seamless transition from battlefield skills to corporate security skills.

Our site is more than just a focused job board. We actually provide a service behind it which is all free to the veteran. As combat veterans with a vast amount of additional experience in the private security sector, we are able to use our experience and influence within the industry to act as trusted advocates for the veteran candidate. Employers give our candidates their top priority because they know how successful the placement will be and the overall quality of the candidates we furnish is so much higher as a result of our process.